Negotiating Cultural Density
Student projects

Incremental Growth
Rebuilding Avenida 50

Ammann Jérome

Didactical Voids

A decentralised School

Ammann Isabel

Health, Art and Music

Community Center for Street Children

Angelova Nikolina

Common Greens
Finding public space inside the Barrio
Bieri Mario

Circle of Education
Commmunity Learning for Barrio Abajo
Breit Hannah

Transmission Parks
Rethinking the water flow
Calonder Remo

Overlapping Neighbourhoods
A new layer over Barrio Abajo
Cereghetti Laura

Welcome to the jungle
We've got food and shade
Chaudhry Shriya

Centering the Street
Open the groundfloor for the community
Di Nardo Laura

Circular Carnival
Trash as urban resource
Fischer Sébastien

Brain Gain

Making use of quality education

Kofler Melanie

Breaking through
A creative spine connecting culture
Leitlein Leonie

Places of Residence
Adaptive  Reuse of abandoned industrial sites
Maron Simon

Artificial Greens
Intertwining  Industry and Nature
Mayer Theo

Linked City
Reactivating Cara Cinquenta
Muszynski Marius

Staging public space
Ogunsola Oluwasegun

Palafito Village
Fusion of Nature and Society
Perschel Aurelia

Creative Center

Consolidate the Public

Pfeiffer Laura

Vibrant Corner

Meet and Greet on the Street

Ragg Carina

Transportation Mix
Rubin Joanna

New Courtyard Typology

Meeting space on different levels

Schwarz Alexandra

Follow the Water
The new flow of Carrera 50
Stingaciu Alexandra

Welcome to Barrio Abajo

The New Cultural Center

Stronlogo Louis

Fresh Bario Breeze
Cooling down Barranquilla
Weber Daniel

Torre 50
A zipper that unites the City
Wittmer Lorenz

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