Studio Europe is a collaboration between studios and universities that creates conditions to foster exchange beyond the local dynamics. It activates inclusive processes of learning and sharing practises by facilitating conversations and moments of encounter among places and actors that are representative of European multiplicity. 

In the spring semester 2022, Studio Europe brings together four design studios working on urban transformation in three European contexts.
By exploring Zurich (Switzerland), Naples (Italy) and Sofia (Bulgaria), students and teachers from NEWROPE Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation -  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, DiARC - University of Naples Federico II with AUIC - Polytechnic University of Milan, and the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, move closer, overcome the physical distances and open up their laboratories. 

The design studios of Studio Europe 2022 deal with critically rethinking resources, tools and directions of contemporary urban transformations by focusing on crucial areas of the city in transition – respectively mixed-used neighbourhoods, peripheral neglected areas, and underused infrastructures:




Each school’s expertise and programme bring valuable nuances for exploring complexity and setting up coalitions to tackle broad issues.
How can architects contribute in unravelling material and immaterial potentialities of places? How do multiple readings of the city inform the design process? What are the spatial qualities that can foster moments of exchange considering local cultures and structures?