NEWROPE Pallati i Brigadave

Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of our Autumn Studio. Between September and December 2020 the NEWROPE Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation organised a design studio that focused on the Palace of Brigades in Tirana.

The Presidential Palace, popularly known as the Palace of Brigades (or ‘Pallati i Brigadave’ in Albanian), is the official residence of the President of Albania. The palace was commissioned by King Zog I and was designed by a group of Italian engineers and architects. However, the king never got to live in the palace and to this day the palace remains uninhabited.

Unable to travel to Tirana as a result of the Covid pandemic, the students had to rely on the input from experts and secondary sources for their analysis. Through a series of online dialogues and a variety of remote sensing tools, including a meet and greet with the team of the palace on Zoom and a simulated taxi ride around Tirana in Google Street View, they developed an understanding of the spatial, social and political conditions in which the palace finds itself.

Working in groups, and in close collaboration with others, the students developed projects that approach and unpack the palace from a multitude of perspectives, scales and topics. Their projects range from proposals for physical interventions in and around the palace to plans for a public campaign to engage the citizens of Tirana in collective efforts to improve the air quality.

The various projects are featured in a short film, which the students developed together and which will have its premiere during the online presentation of the studio on December 15. After the film screening there will be an opportunity to discuss the film and the various projects with the students and other guests. The presentation will take place on online platform Zoom.

Programme: 15 December 2020, 14:00 - 17:00

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